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We can supply and fit a huge range of trailer parts & accessories for trailers

The Trailer Factory manufactures & fits a wide range of accessories for trailers including but not limited to: ALKO Independent IRS Suspension / Axles, Battery Boxes, Brakes (Air Brakes, Trailer Hand Brakes & Hydraulic Override Brakes), Covers, Cages & Lids (Cages, Canopies, Lids (PVC & Steel), Tonneau Covers), Carac low line couplings, Chequer Plating, Compressor Box, Deep Sided Trailers, Gas Struts, Galvanizing, Jerry Can Holders, Jockey Wheels, Ladder Racks, Lights (Clearance & Interior), Legs & Stands (Drop Legs & Wind Down Stands), Mud Flaps, Ramps (Single, Twin, Slide Under & Expanded Metal), Spare Wheel Mounts (Horizontal or Vertical mount), Tool Boxes, Towing Rings (& Ring Couplings), White Wheel Rims & Winches, .

We can fit these trailer parts & accessories to a new or existing trailer.

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ALKO Independent Suspension

Popular on off road trailers, the AL-KO (IRS) axle incorporates independent suspension, along each wheel to absorb shocks independently. The inherent dampening also reduces suspension rebound. This suspension can be used on all types of trailer construction.

Battery Boxes

The battery box isolates heavy duty battery from the main trailer body, reducing the risks of corrosion and freeing up space.

Trailer Brakes

Air Brakes

Air brakes are compulsory on trailers over 4,500 kg gross trailer mass. The inclusion of air brakes may require specific suspension configurations and modifications in some designs.

Trailer Hand Brakes

Trailer hand brakes may be fitted to operate hydraulic brake systems where fitted.

Hydraulic Override Trailer Brakes

Hydraulic override trailer brakes can be fitted where required and are an option to trailer that must have brakes fitted (over 750 kgs). The couplings can be supplied in various forms to suit requirements.

Trailer Cages, Canopies & Lids

Trailer Cage

Cages, with access doors, can be fitted to most trailers. Discuss your needs with your Trailer Factory service person.

Stock crate canopy

Stock crates and other trailers fitted with cages can be supplied with a canopy. The result is a secure large capacity trailer with protection for the load and enormous flexibility.


Canopies can be fitted to protect the contents of the trailer from the weather.

PVC Trailer Lids

PVC lids are a lightweight cover option to help protect the trailer's contents. The PVC trailer lid is available with optional gas struts.

Steel Trailer Lids

Lockable steel lids provide security and protection to the trailer contents. Optional locking arrangements are available and gas struts are recommended to assist with ease of operation and safety.

Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers provide protection for the contents of your trailer.

Carac low line coupling (50mm quick release)

The 50mm quick release Carac low line coupling is used on ATV Trailers.

Chequer Plate Trailers

Trailer Chequerplate construction is an optional extra on most trailers. The increased resistance to wear and tear in more robust applications makes the investment well worth while.

Compressor Box

The compressor box incorporates a mesh end wall to ensure adequate ventilation and cooling for the compressor. Mounted on the draw bar, space in the trailer is kept free.

Deep Sided Trailers

The standard trailer is manufactured with 12 inch sides. Deep sided trailers are available with 15, 18 and 24 inch walls.

Gas Struts

Gas struts are recommended to be fitted to lift up doors on tradesman trailers, on tilt mechanisms and lids. They enhance ease of operation and safety.


Hot dip galvanizing protects the trailer and its parts against corrosion. Unlike some other manufacturers The Trailer Factory hot dips the whole trailer and does not weld up pre-galvanized sections that will later show corrosion.

Jerry Can Holder

Don't get stuck on the highway or in the bush. Jerry can holders are frequently fitted to motorcycle trailers, off road trailers and tradesman trailers where fuel may be required for machinery and equipment.

Jockey Wheels

A variety of jockey wheels are available to aid the maneuvering of the unhitched trailer. Standard lengths include 6, 8 and 10 inch, with quick release or clamp mounts. Jockey wheels are available in domestic and commercial ratings.

Ladder Racks

Trailer ladder racks can be fitted in various forms to most trailers. We recommend you discuss your needs with The Trailer Factory service person.

Trailer Lights

Clearance Lights

A selection of trailer clearance lights are available to ensure compliance with ADR regulations

Interior Light & Switch

Interior light and switch to illuminate the inside of cargo trailers.

Legs & Stands

Rear Drop Leg

Drop legs may be fitted to the corners of the trailer to hold the stationary trailer level. Another alternative are wind down stands.

Wind down stands

Wind down stands are available in standard (for normal height trailers) and long configurations.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps help reduce splash and enhance the appearance of any trailer.

Plug Holder

A base plate and connector can be supplied and fitted on place of the standard plug. This enhances security and allows the trailer to be towed by vehicles with different electrical service connectors.

Push Bike Mount

We can fit a bicycle trailer mount to a trailer.

Trailer Push Bike Mount (Click for larger view)

Recessed Handle

Recessed handles enhance the appearance of the tradesman's trailer and also enhance safety. Lockable versions are also available.

Trailer Ramps

Single Trailer Ramp

Trailer Ramps can be fitted to allow roll-on roll-off loading of equipment. The design and operation will vary to suit specific needs.

Twin Trailer Ramp

Twin trailer ramps can allow flexibility and reduce overall weight. The design and operation will vary to suit specific needs.

Slide Under Trailer Ramps

Slide-under trailer ramps, seen here on a car carrier trailer, require the use of "drop axles" to maintain clearance between the axle and trailer ramp slides.

Expanded Metal Trailer Ramp

Trailer ramps manufactured from expanded metal minimise the overall weight of the trailer and allow mud and gravel to drop through. These are a popular option on machinery trailers.

Rings & Couplings

Towing Ring

Towing rings may be required in some applications. This trailer will be towed by a truck fitted with air brakes

Ring Type Coupling

Trailer towed by trucks may require a ring type tow coupling. These are available with and without override hydraulic brakes.

Trailer Spare Wheel Mounts

Spare Wheel Mount - horizontal

Spare wheels may be carried horizontally, as shown, or vertically to suit the trailer design and use.

Spare wheel mount - upright

The upright spare wheel mount is practical where the draw bar is used for mounting other equipment or increased clearance is required.

Tool Box

305mm x 305mm x 1140mm Tool box complete with lid and latches.

White Rims

A variety of wheels are available to be fitted to your trailer. You can even supply your own.

Winch with Cable

A wide range of cable winches are available, including safety winches.

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