Ride On Mower Trailers.

The Trailer Factory manufactures a wide range of trailers for use with ride-on mowers or ride-on lawnmowers.

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Budget Lawn Mower Trailers

The Budget Lawn Mower Trailer (LMT1) suits the gardener. Carry gardening tools, grass clippings and lopped branches. Drop front and rear tail gate, side tie rails and manual tilt to unload are standard features. The Budget Lawn Mower Trailer (LMT1) (shown at left) has been introduced for the budget conscious user. Slide out rear gate and manual tilt to unload features are standard.

Lawnmower Trailer

For more robust use and bigger loads the LMT2 Lawn Mower Trailer shown at left, has larger wheels and a bigger body to carry bales of hay, logs etc.

ATV Trailers

A single axle ATV Trailer (at right) is light weight but capable of carrying good loads across the land, increasing productivity and saving fuel and time.

Red ATV Trailer Tilted (Click for larger view)

ATV Trailer with Cage (Click for larger view)

This ATV Trailer (at left) is fitted with a cage suitable for carrying animals or feed.

This Tandem ATV Trailer (at right) with cage is specifically design for use with the 4 – wheel ATV on the land. Extra carrying capacity, wide wheels and ease of access to the load are great features.

ATV Tandem Trailer with Cage (Click for larger view)

More information?

If you can't find what your looking for, if you have unique requirements or if you are just confused with all the options available, feel free to email us or call on (03) 9761-5533 to discuss your requirements.

Alternately, why not come and visit us at our Showroom / Factory (see our Location page). Our team will be pleased to help you with any requirements you may have.

We believe our trailers are of the highest quality - the best value money can buy.

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