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Please note that we will organise the registration of your trailer in Victoria, if you puchase a trailer from us and it needs to be registered.


With the exception of those trailers listed below, the Victorian Road Safety Act 1986 requires all trailers, caravans, mobile machines, implements and equipment such as concrete mixers, compressors, shelters etc. to be registered in the state of Victoria.

EXEMPTIONS, (units not requiring registration)

Registration is NOT REQUIRED for:

A device constructed and used exclusively
· as an agricultural implement or;
· for transporting the combs of a grain header; or
· as a bulk bin used exclusively for holding grain; or
· for the carriage of bulk fruit bins.

A trailer (other than a trailer used to carry a boat) which is not used in the course of trade and which
· weighs less than 200 kilograms unladen;
· and does not exceed the width of its towing vehicles as produced by the manufacturer, and
· is not more than 3 metres long, including its draw-bar and any load.

Trailers registered in Victoria are un-registered interstate.


In accordance with the Road Safety Act ant the Dealer Certification Guidelines, proof of identity of ALL individual applicants who wish to register a trailer must be sighted and recorded on each application form.

In most cases, the applicant will have a CURRENT Victorian or other state Licence or Permit and the specific details must be completed in the appropriate field on the application. (A non Victorian Licence or permit requires proof of residence and a garaging address in Victoria).

For applicants without a current Licence or permit, both Primary and Secondary (as follows) proof of identity documents must be sighted and recorded on the reverse side of the Vehicle Registration form.


· An Australian passport in the applicant's name and not expired by more than 2 years
· A current overseas passport
· A current Police Force Officer or Defence Force photo identity card (excluding civilian staff)
· A birth certificate, extract or change of name registration issued by the Registrar of Births
· An Australian naturalisation or citizenship document or immigration papers issued by the Dept. of Immigration & Multi-cultural Affairs or the Passport Office


A current:
· State or federal government employee photo identity card, or
· Medicare card, or
· Pensioner Concession card, or
· Dept. of Veteran's Affairs card, or
· any other current entitlement card issued by the. Commonwealth or
· credit card or account card issued from a bank; building society or credit union, or
· student identity card
· A current or no more than one year old bank passbook or account statement
· a telephone, gas or electricity bill
· A current or no more than two year old water rates, council rates, or
· certificate or statement of enrolment from an educational institution

It should be noted that confirmation of the applicant's current address should also be confirmed by means of the required proof.

If you need any clarification or have any queries regarding this matter please contact your local Dealer Certification Consultant.


Section 8 of the Road Safety Act 1986, requires a vehicle to be registered, without exempt/on, in the name of a person or an incorporated body. This requirement applies to the registration of vehicles and the transfer of registration.

An incorporated body can be either:
· A company registered under the Corporations Law. These bodies have an Australian Company Number (ACN).
· A body incorporated under an Act. [eg. bodies incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981, Co. co-operation Act 1981, etc]. These bodies may, but not necessarily, have an ACN.
(Both the above types of incorporated body must provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation before a vehicle can be registered in the name of the incorporated body).
· A body incorporated by an Act of Parliament, where a body is declared to be a body corporate under an Act. [An example of this type of incorporated body is the Roads Corporation, which is declared to be a body corporate under section 27 of the Transport Act 1983.]
(A copy of the relevant section of the Act declaring the body corporate is sufficient proof).
· A body established as a body corporate by Royal Charter.
(A copy of the Royal Charter document is sufficient proof of incorporation).

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