Slide Under Trailer Ramps

Slide-under trailer ramps, seen here on a car carrier trailer, require the use of "drop axles" to maintain clearance between the axle and ramp slides.

These car trailer ramps can also be used as heavy equipment trailer ramps.

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We have a wide range of other options for ramps for trailers for cars, motorcycles and heavy equipment including:-


  • 6’ slide under ramps including 4" drop axles under slung
  • 6’ Fold up ramps

NOTE: For trailers with slide under ramps, you must add 4" drop axles.

The axles are mounted under the springs and will give more clearance between the axles & ramp slides, alleviating any possible damage to the axles if used in an overloaded situation.

The trailer floor height will lower by 30mm - 50mm depending on the spring pack used.

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