Trailer Quality & Australian Standards

What to Look For In a Trailer

If you are planning to purchase a commercial or domestic trailer, then we think you should familiarise yourself with the following. It will help you understand that we do not compromise on quality or safety. This ensures you are buying a quality trailer.

Vehicle Identification Plate

On every trailer there is a permanently affixed plate, in a prominent external position, giving:

  1. Manufacturers Name
  2. VIN or Vehicle Identification Number
  3. Date of manufacture
  4. Gross Trailer Mass in kg
  5. Tyre Details: A.D.R. 24.2
    1. Recommended tyre size designations
    2. Recommended tyre pressure in Kpa
    3. A statement on tyre carrying capacity as outlined in A.D.R.
Compliance Plate (Click for larger view) Vehicle Identification & Compliance Plate

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All the materials used in a trailer made at The Trailer Factory are first grade. This includes the steel as well. We do not use cheaper, low grade steel.

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The drawbar is securely attached to a substantial portion of the trailer. The drawbar is manufactured to withstand design level forces applied to the centreline of the coupling without distortion, detachment or failure. These forces include Longitudinal Tension and Compression, Transverse Thrust and Vertical Tension and Compression.

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Safety Chain

When a safety chain is fitted correctly the trailer will be held with its draw bar clear of the ground, should the coupling accidentally disconnect. The chain weight, attachment and design must withstand Longitudinal Tension and Vertical load.

Safety Chain (Click for larger view) Safety Chain

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All wiring is secured to the trailer at intervals of not more than 600 millimetres along its length. All wiring is insulated at joints. All wiring is located in such a position that it can neither become overheated nor contact moving parts. All wiring is protected from chafing. An earth return wire is provided between trailer and towing vehicle.

Optional Base Plate (Click for larger view) Wiring

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Where hydraulic brakes are fitted, the hoses must comply with Australian Design Rule 7/00. All tubes, hoses and fittings must be located and attached in a way that prevents chafing, kinking and any other mechanical damage, under normal operating conditions. Ranges of braking systems are available, assembled in accordance with the relevant Australian Design Rules: A.D.R.38.2.0. 1 A.D.R. A.D.R. A/D/R/

  1. For Trailers up to 750kg. total trailer laden mass, no brakes required.
  2. Trailers 750kg to 2000kg. total trailer laden mass, "Efficient" over?run brakes are acceptable (Electric brakes/ Power Assisted brakes can also be fitted).
  3. Trailers 2000kg to 4500kg. total trailer laden mass, brakes on all wheels. Independent Brakes (Electric/Power Assisted with control from the driver whilst in driver's seat) with breakaway system to automatically apply trailer brakes fully for at least 15 minutes (Electric or Power assisted)
  4. Trailers above 4500kg. Full 'S' cam air brakes.
Air Brakes (Click for larger view) Air Brakes

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Axles are manufactured from duraflex steel, which is formulated to cope with flexing. Cheap "pipe" axles are to be avoided.

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A large range of options are available to suit different applications. These include both "eye" and "slipper" types. All suspension systems comply to A.D.R. 43.7 Within a group of axles:

  • two axles must not be more than two (2) metres apart;
  • three axles must not be more than 3.2 metres apart overall.

All axles in a group must be interconnected by a "loadsharing" suspension except in a close coupled axle group provided that the load carrying capacity of each axle in the group and the wheels and tyres fitted to it is:

  • at least 120% of the load on that axle with the trailer at its ATM; and
  • at least equal to the load on the axle with the trailer at its ATM and any retractable axle retracted.
Note: A close coupled axle group is where the two axles in a group have their centres not more than one (1) metre apart, or three axles not more than two (2) metres apart, or three (3) or more axles not more than 3.2 metres apart.

Suspension (Click for larger view) Suspension

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50 mm. couplings are fitted as standard, with high tensile steel bolts. For the serious off-roader, either genuine "Trigg" or "Treg" couplings are fitted.

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The installation and standards of lamps and reflectors are based on International Codes. Side, tail and brakes lights all comply with A.D.R. 49 Indicator lights comply with A.D.R. 6 Bayonet globes are used as they are more reliable and easier to fit. All trailers over 1800 mm. wide have clearance lights fitted. Trailers wider than 2100 mm. wide have marker lamps fitted. All trailers have front and rear reflectors fitted.

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Nuts & Bolts

All nuts and bolts and other fixings are plated for longer life. All shackles and U-bolts are fitted with "nyloc" nuts to ensure vibration and normal wear and tear do not loosen them.

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All trailers are thoroughly cleaned prior to painting. The paint system includes grey zinc undercoat and 2-3 coats of hammertone paint, as standard. There are a wide range of colours to choose from. Finish options also include two-pack epoxy, industrial enamel and full or partial galvanizing.

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Wheel Bearings & Grease

All wheel bearings are to automotive standards and compatible with standard Australian manufactured wheels and axles. All bearings are packed with "extreme pressure" grease for longer life and safety.

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A 12 month warranty is provided on all trailers covering materials and workmanship. The warranty is based on standard use and excludes normal and fair wear and tear and wheels and tyres.

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More information?

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