Motorcycle, Camper, ATV and Off-Road Trailers For Sale

The Trailer Factory manufactures a wide range of trailers to suit the needs of motorcycle riders and / or those who want to explore off-road.

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Off-Road Trailer (Click for larger view)

This serious, purpose built off-road trailer (shown at left) is designed for the rugged conditions of the mountains and outback. An Extra Heavy Duty Chassis is fitted with an RHS drawbar and all Chequer plate body with 18 inch sides and 11 inch mudguards. The suspension is independent Alko, wheels are 15x7 white steel fitted with 10R15LT tyres. Trigg couplings are also standard. Options include Jerry Can holders, pump and filter mounting plates, tool box and fridge mounts etc. etc.

Shown at right, this canvas covered deep sided trailer is ideal for the serious camper. Also available as an off-road.

6x4 Trailer with Canvas Top (Click for larger view)

Motorbike or Motorcycle Trailers

Motorcycle Carrier Trailer (Click for larger view) Chequer plate Motorcycle trailer (Click for larger view)

This motorcycle carrier (shown at left) has a full chequer plate floor, Jerry can holders, spare wheel and shows the loading ramp locked down.

Shown at right is a purpose-built Motorcycle Carrier, a must for the trail bike rider or competitive rider. The standard trailer comes with tie down points and front stone guards. Loading ramp with pin mounts and lock down stowage is an optional extra.

Motorcycle Trailer with ramp down (Click for larger view)

ATV Tandem Trailer with Cage (Click for larger view)

This Tandem ATV Trailer with a cage is specifically designed for use with 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle (4WD ATVs) on the land.

A single axle ATV Trailer is light weight but capable of carrying good loads across the land, increasing productivity and saving fuel and time.

ATV Trailer - tilted (Click for larger view) ATV Trailer (Click for larger view)

Boat Trailer showing Tilt Action (Click for larger view) Boat Tilt Ram (Click for larger view)

Take the boat on this tilt top, high sided trailer (shown at left) built for serious recreational fun. The deep sides provide huge storage capacity and the tilt action (see second image at left) boat rack means you can access the contents without lifting off the boat.

Also, ... BBQ Trailers!

Have a great BBQ wherever you are with this customer built BBQ Trailer. Ideal for the 4WD Club, Trail Bike meeting or at the local Fete. The top quality BBQ is mounted on the back of a huge storage area with gas bottle and fold out work tables. Great in the community. Make any event a big success with a BBQ trailer from The Trailer Factory.

BBQ Trailer Front View (Click for larger view) BBQ Trailer Open Rear View (Click for larger view)

More information?

If you can't find what your looking for, if you have unique requirements or if you are just confused with all the options available, feel free to email us or call on (03) 9761-5533 to discuss your requirements. Or for quotes, pricing or costs, you can complete our Contact Form to specify your requirements.

Alternately, why not come and visit us at our Showroom / Factory (see our Location page). Our team will be pleased to help you with any requirements you may have.

We believe our trailers are of the highest quality - the best value money can buy.

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