Cage Trailers for Sale

As trailer manufacturers, we can provide a cage trailer of literally any size & design. For box trailers, 6x4 trailers, ATV trailers, tandem or single axle trailers, .. and so on.

ATV Cage Trailer (Click on image to go back)

ATV Cage Trailer

Stockcrate Cage Trailers. 6x4 Cage Trailer  (Click on image to go back)

Stockcrate Cage Trailer

Tandem ATV Cage Trailer. Tandem Cage Trailer (Click on image to go back)

ATV Tandem Cage Trailer

If you're looking for a cage trailer for sale, and you're not in Melbourne, thats no issue. We sell & cage trailers all around Australia.

Prices, Quotes & More Information

If you want pricing, a quote or just need some more information, simply call us on (03) 9761 5533 or use our Contact Form to tell us about your requirements.

Trailer Cages

Trailer cages, with access doors, can be fitted to most trailers. We offer trailer cages for sale for a wide range of trailers or can fit a cage to an existing trailer if you're in Melbourne. Discuss your cage trailer needs with your Trailer Factory service person.

Mesh Trailer Cages

  • Cage Height: 2', 3', 4' & 5'
  • 40mm X 40mm RHS frame
  • Enclosed on front, sides and gate with 75mm X 50mm weld mesh
  • Frame bolted on top of trailer sides
  • Full width swing-out and removable rear gate
    • Double Rear Gates
    • Mesh on top
    • Sliding Rear Door
    • Drop Ramps

More information?

If you can't find the right cage trailer for sale that you are looking for, if you have unique requirements or if you are just confused with all the trailer cage options available, feel free to email us or call on (03) 9761-5533 to discuss your requirements. Or for quotes, pricing or costs, please complete our Contact Form to specify your requirements.

Alternately, why not come and visit us at our Showroom / Factory (see our Location page). Our team will be pleased to help you with any caged trailer requirements you may have.

We believe our cage trailers are of the highest quality - the best value money can buy.

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