Trailer Brakes

Where hydraulic brakes are fitted, the hoses must comply with Australian Design Rule 7/00. All tubes, hoses and fittings must be located and attached in a way that prevents chafing, kinking and any other mechanical damage, under normal operating conditions.

We have a wide range of trailer brakes systems available. These are all assembled in accordance with the relevant Australian Design Rules: A.D.R.38.2.0. 1 A.D.R. A.D.R. A/D/R/

Trailer brake requirements by weight

  1. For Trailers up to 750kg. total trailer laden mass, no brakes required.
  2. For trailers 750kg to 2000kg. total trailer laden mass, "Efficient" over-run brakes are acceptable (Electric brakes / Power Assisted brakes can also be fitted).
  3. Trailers 2000kg to 4500kg. total trailer laden mass, require brakes on all wheels. Independent Brakes (Electric / Power Assisted with trailer brake controller which can be operated by the driver whilst in driver's seat) with breakaway system to automatically apply trailer brakes fully for at least 15 minutes (Electric or Power assisted)
  4. Trailers above 4500kg. Full 'S' cam air brakes are required.
Air Brakes for Trailers
Trailer Air Brakes (Click on image for more information) Trailer Hand brakes (Click for more information)

Trailer Hand Brakes

Trailer hand brakes may be fitted to operate hydraulic brake systems where fitted.

Hydraulic Override Brakes

Hydraulic Override brakes (Click for more information)

Hydraulic override brakes can be fitted where required and are an option for trailers that must have brakes fitted (over 750 kgs). The couplings can be supplied in various forms to suit your requirements.

More information?

We can supply and fit hydraulic and electric trailer brakes and supply trailer brake parts for repairs.

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