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The Trailer Factory
Trailer Manufacturers. Specialists in custom designed, highway and off-road trailers.

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The Trailer Factory Home Page The Trailer Factory Home Page
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All about The Trailer Factory...

Since 1985 The Trailer Factory has been manufacturing quality trailers for the home handyman, tradesman, franchise operator, contractor or for those that just want to have fun.

Systemised production methods combine intelligent design, engineering skill and top quality materials and workmanship to manufacture quality trailers at competitive prices. At our factory we manufacture: Single axle, Tandems, Tri-Axle, Off-road, Motorcycle, Recreational, Tradesman, Cargo, Lawn Mower, Stock crates, Tippers, Car carriers, Bobcat, Machinery, Canvas and Frames, Tonneau covers, Boat and Canoe, Bar-B-Que and ATV's.

Trailers made at The Trailer Factory stand up to the rigors of Australian conditions. In fact, if you need a trailer for almost any purpose - just ask us, We Know How!

The Trailer Factory, 223 Colchester Road, KILSYTH VIC. 3137

For more information email us today.

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The Trailer Factory
Phone: (03) 9761 5533 Fax: (03) 9761 5465
223 Colchester Road, KILSYTH VIC. 3137
ABN: 96 108 949 748 ACN: 108 949 748

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